Analyzing visitor behavior to deliver personalized content for a multi-brand electronic store


One of the biggest multi-brand electronic retail store

Business objective

  • The client wanted to improve their understanding of online and offline touch-points to lower the in-person interactions.
  • There was a need for optimization of website navigation and content for an improved customer journey.

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Built a customer intelligence model based on the web behavior of leads helped optimize the sales funnel and production of quality content aimed at conversions.
  • Developing multi channel and multi point connection (both online and offline) ensured customer’s trust on sales. After-sales service also increased thus bringing added revenue
  • Improved e-mail campaigns with better targeting and optimizing of the delivery. Leading to 2.5 times better open-rate and 1.7 times improved conversion rate.

SGA approach

  • SGA implemented the Adobe Marketing Cloud Solutions including Adobe Target and Audience manager to support multiple A/B Tests along with pin-pointed delivery of targeted content for each customer.
  • SGA helped Identify and segment information explorers and potential customers based on their web behavior. This enabled easy communication of potential leads to dealerships (offline) for quick conversions and minimized funnel leak.

Process flow

  • Connected various data sources including internal, external, and website originated data on the common platform of Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.
  • Developed navigational and behavioral hypothesis based on the exploratory analysis of data. Conducted Multivariate and A/B testing using Adobe Target to validate different hypothesis and optimization of pages and their content.
  • Developed hyper-personalized content (with discounts and cash-backs) for various communication modes and times (e.g. time of day, day of week).
  • Integrated various test results with BI/Analytics tools for performance monitoring and measurement.