E-commerce market entry strategy


Leading e-commerce player in the U.K.

Business situation

  • Weak local economy and slow growth prospects in the home market
  • Intense market competition from international players such as Cotton On, Zara, H&M impacted end-client’s profit margins in domestic market

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Provided key insights about market trends in the UK e-commerce market
  • Recommended entry strategy focusing on two product categories – fashion apparel and footwear


E-commerce market entry strategy in the UK

SGA approach

  • Assessed macroeconomic environment and regulation for e-commerce business in the UK. Identified market size, growth rate and level of market competition in the UK
  • Benchmarked top 10 e-commerce retailers’ performance across several product categories. Identified top five product categories with high growth rate and low barriers to entry in the country
  • Conducted detailed analysis to identify market size & growth forecast of target product categories
  • Identified market dynamics, market trends, regulations, customer buying preference (including payment & delivery) in the fast-growing target product categories
  • Conducted marketplace discussions with 40+ respondents including sector experts, sales managers, financial managers to identify potential opportunity for the end-client