Consumer sentiment analysis to drive product innovation


Global personal care manufacturer

Business situation

  • Fading brand image among customers for one of the client’s leading personal care product in North America
  • Sales dip due to availability of extensive products from competitor brands
  • Lack of consumer & retailer insights to launch new products

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Provided insights on change in consumer buying habits and preferences
  • Provided recommendations on product modification to address consumers’ concerns while retaining customer satisfaction
  • Redesigned the customer value proposition for the brand to remarket its product


Assess consumers’ evolving preferences and retailer’s insights for product innovation

SGA approach

  • Conducted exhaustive primary research and desk research on changing consumer behavior and lifestyle
  • Performed detailed analysis of 5 competitors on parameters such as core products, product variants launched, product strategy, and pricing
  • Surveyed 2,500+ consumers and 25 retailers across regions to understand consumer food buying habits and identify reasons for low consumption of client’s products vis-à-vis its competitors
  • Quantified consumer attitude towards client’s products through sentiment analysis and validated shift in consumer usage preferences through primary inputs
  • Map the consumer sentiments to identify current gaps in the brand offering