Assess European retailers’ readiness to adopt IoT for supply chain optimization


Leading French retailer

Business situation

  • Expand operations in other European countries
  • Limited market information on IoT adoption in retail supply chain was affecting our client’s decision-making ability

Benefits and outcomes of our engagement

  • Provided market insights on the business challenges faced by retailers while adopting IoT (including the associated budgetary constraints)
  • Identified technology capabilities (such as RFID enabled sensors, robotics, beacons, automated replenishment) that retailers are investing in / want to invest in across the value chain
  • Assisted in targeting the key business segments that are ready for IoT adoption


Assisted a leading French retailer to understand European retailers’ readiness to adopt IoT in their supply chain processes

SGA approach

  • Conducted market research covering both quantitative and qualitative surveys supported by exhaustive desk research
  • Performed quantitative survey across 75 retailers in Europe. The survey included retailers with revenue brackets (tier I, 2 and 3) and business segments (apparel, grocery, consumer electronics, etc.)
  • Conducted 20 in-depth qualitative discussions (using CATI methodology) with key decision makers in retailer supply chain operations and system integrators
  • Captured key business challenges, data integration challenges, current/future adoption of IoT technologies across the retail value chain