Market analysis for smart bikes in Mexico

CATI Interviews.
Major competitors analyzed.


A German-based smart, connected bike manufacturer, operating across Europe and North America.


The client required a market analysis to devise the go-to-market strategy for expanding its services in Mexico, a growing market for connected bike-sharing services.


SG Analytics’ interdisciplinary experts conducted a thorough market analysis, based on proprietary secondary and primary research findings, to answer the client's questions with regard to key strategic drivers, such as market size, competitive landscape, entry challenges, the effect of macroeconomic factors, regulatory environment, setup and maintenance costs and security provisions.

Primary research:
  • SG Analytics' secondary research analysts conducted marketplace discussions (CATI) with 20 connected bike manufacturers, bike-sharing service providers, application developers and association members across the geography to develop an understanding of market dynamics, consumer trends, competitive landscape, demographic segmentation and market size.

Secondary research:
  • SG Analytics assessed five major players in this market and conducted exhaustive desk research on information shared in various reports, press releases and other sources of data to fill data gaps.

Strategy development:
  • Based on insights from the interviews and secondary research, devised a strategy for the client with respect to market size and dynamics, demographic trends, consumer preference, competitive landscape and competitor strategies.


SG Analytics delivered a market intelligence report that provided the client with key insights into strategic drivers and competitors' business strategies.
SG Analytics suggested a strategy, considering market specifics such as market size and dynamics, demographic trends, and consumer preferences.