Drone services market assessment

Prioritization matrix
Tool applied.
Industry expert interviews.
Customer interviews.


A European MNC involved in the designing, manufacturing and global sales of aeronautical products.


Following its promising growth in Europe, the client wanted to expand its product offerings into the North American drone services market. It partnered with SG Analytics to obtain market intelligence and identify new commercial use cases for its drone technology. The client indicated a strong interest in the US market.


SG Analytics’ business consultants conducted an opportunity assessment study of the growing North American drone services market and highlighted relevant key growth segments.

SG Analytics’ experts for North American markets conducted secondary research based on publicly available information including various reports, popular scientific articles and press releases to assess the technological landscape of the drone services market in the US.

A team of primary research analysts held in-depth interviews with 30+ global industry experts to get insights into market trends, drivers, barriers, and limitations and opportunities. Another team of primary researchers engaged with technology leaders and decision makers of 50+ North American businesses that were using drone services, to gather data on current usage patterns and user satisfaction. The respondent group composition reflected the client’s interest, containing a large number of US businesses.

Insights were drawn from secondary as well as primary research, and a prioritization matrix was developed to identify relevant key use cases.


SG Analytics submitted a report that helped the client identify key target segments.
SG Analytics advised the company to focus on product development for expansion into identified market segments.