Business assessment plans for FinTech services

Major countries’ markets analyzed
Expert interviews.
Product segments analyzed.


The largest European financial services provider with more than 12 million customers in Europe and Asia.


The client sought SG Analytics support in formalizing its business assessment plans for financial technology services based on parameters such as market drivers, industry insights, key expert opinions and market projections.


SG Analytics executed a detailed market analysis, with the aim to understand market size, macroeconomic trends, demographic outlook and growth opportunities, as well as consumer preference drivers and trends.
  • SG Analytics conducted extensive secondary research to assess the emergence of the financial technology industry and forecast the future market size. We also carried out a detailed market analysis to understand key drivers like industry growth, macroeconomic trends and demographic outlook.
  • In addition, SG Analytics conducted CATI interviews with consumers and key industry experts across regions in Europe and APAC to derive key market insights into potential competitors, growth opportunities, and product/service preferences.
  • Based on the data, we forecasted market size and analyzed the demand/growth drivers and barriers for the financial technology industry. We also analyzed the market share and product portfolio of key players who provide financial technology services.


SG Analytics gathered data from a variety of sources to assemble a complete market overview that included size, growth, trajectory, and key players for financial technology product lines.
The delivered report identified customer segments and regions with huge potential for the client’s financial technology services and recommended key steps related to business assessment.