Scenario analysis in technology sector

Client: US-based mid-market investment bank specializing in REG A+ initial public offering


  • 12 days round-the-clock support
  • 40% lower cost vis-a-vis existing process
  • 100% data security and reliable IT infrastructure


In a time-crunched situation, the client wanted to build a detailed financial model with scenario analysis in a niche technology sector followed by an offer document – all within half the time usually required for the process


SG Analytics delivered the project within time without compromising the quality, using the following approach:

  • SG Analytics assigned two senior technology sector experts with experience of over 8 years. These sector experts worked on the complete model and most of the offer document.
  • SG Analytics used its in-house technology team to gather data using scraping tools, which sped up the model building process. The team built a top-down model and independently formulated industry-level as well as company-level assumptions. Moreover, the team also added dynamic features to provide flexibility in changing scenarios and assessing the valuation impact.
  • The report required thorough secondary research on various topics, which was a significant effort given that it was a niche sector. The SG Analytics team created most of the content for the fact-based as well as opinion-based sections of the offer document, independently covering 10 of the 12 sections in the report. SG Analytics extensively used its desktop publishing services team and ensured it followed the client’s branding guidelines.


  1. Composed the right team based on sector, product, and fundamental expertise
  2. Employed technology toreduce turnaround time andgenerate efficiency
  3. Ensured minimal time investment at the client’s end


  • Generated high-quality output in half the average turnaround time for such a project
  • ~40% reduction in total assignment cost as compared to existing process
Days round-the-clock support.
Lower costs vis-à-vis existing process.
Data security and highly reliable IT infrastructure.


Generated high-quality output in half the average turnaround time for such a project.
~40% reduction in total assignment cost as compared to existing process.