Daily news letter for a German universal bank

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Reduced cost.
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The interest rate and credit research department of a large German universal bank.


The client had established itself as one of the European leaders in interest rates and credit research. One of its services was a daily news run that covered overnight news items and stories which were likely to impact the financial markets during the following trading day. The news run had to exhibit a good hit ratio and needed to be published before the German trading exchanges would open their doors.

The client had tried multiple offshore vendors, which were to deliver a preliminary news run that could be finalized by the client and published in less than an hour. Disappointed by the hit ratio and reliability of other vendors, the client engaged SG Analytics.


After ensuring a detailed understanding of the client’s requirement. SG Analytics assigned an experienced investment research analyst with a profound understanding of financial markets and 3 years’ experience in creating newsletters for financial service providers. Ensuring a satisfying deliverable, SG Analytics led its research analyst through the following training program:
  • 1-month training on SG Analytics’ software and multiple data sources, including Financial Times, Bloomberg, and the Thomson Reuters suite.
  • 1-month shadow training guided by the client and a senior resource of SG Analytics’ fixed income research team.

SG Analytics also leveraged its language capabilities to include relevant German information sources such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and Handelsblatt, etc.

Our team would structure and summarize the news items for easy consumption and processing at the client’s end. The client would add its opinion, take a final selection, and rewrite certain items for its end-clients.

SG Analytics and the client would conduct weekly feedback calls and exchange frequent emails to ensure a complete alignment, high hit ratios, and a short turnaround time.

Value Delivered

SG Analytics provided the client with a daily news run that contained all relevant overnight items which would be likely to affect relevant financial markets.
The client’s satisfaction with SG Analytics' deliverables and our extra mile support led to multiple other engagements including equity research, fixed income and credit research, and investment banking support.