Workflow and business process automation for insurance provider

Workflow and business process automation for insurance provider


A property insurance organization headquartered in the UK with offices across 8 countries.


The client had to deal with a lot of documents and paper trails in its day-to-day operations. Improper documentation had led to a frequent loss of documents and the inability to retrieve crucial information on time was leading to inefficiency and reputational damage. The client engaged SG Analytics to implement a workflow and business process automation.


SG analytics and the client’s business team decided to implement the DocsVault Document Management software as the way to make the organization more organized.
All the business processes, ranging from client documents to electronic requests, signatures, approvals, and archiving were orchestrated into an end-to-end paperless workflow. The DocsVault Document Manager system also allowed all types of documents to be captured and stored centrally. The workflow automation enabled groups within the organization to deliver immediate responses to their queries without any people dependencies.

DocVault’s integration with MS Office helped the team to edit documents as needed. All documents were then converted to PDF format, reducing storage space and mitigating the risk of accidental document changes.

The client utilized the folder monitoring tool with email alerts to monitor relevant document and folder activities, together with search, backup and restore features to help secure the valuable data.


Improved Efficiency – Faster Retrievals and Automation eliminated unnecessary steps within a workflow thus increasing efficiency.
Superior Control – Standardization of working methodologies and auditing trails for better managerial control as well as better information backup and disaster contingency.
Better Flexibility – Highly scalable, modular software solution for processes which can be scaled up or down as per business need.

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