Viewership engagement drivers for media firm


A us-based global mass media company with headquarters in the northeast.


The client wanted to understand how different groups of customers engage differently with the program content, identify optimal engagements and benchmark the content to reflect audience preferences.


SG Analytics employed the following four-step solution to resolve this requirement:
  • Our team studied the various data sources that were readily available.
  • We conducted an analysis to identify more data sources that were not available with the client but still played a role in influencing viewership.
  • The team identified various KPIs of each platform, created a weighted score to obtain a performance calculator using those KPIs, and calculated an index to give importance to various platforms based on business priorities.
  • We team imparted a structure to the unstructured social media data from various platforms, using different tools and scrapping algorithms. The team then analyzed the data, found benchmarks for various entities, and deciphered that content performed well.


Created a one-stop destination across all the data used by various stakeholders.
Enabled creation of content for particular platforms and identification of right influencers to sharpen marketing focus.
Obtained higher engagements across promotional posts, using learning from past data.
Improved understanding of the audience groups’ perception of various platforms.