Defect prediction for fiber optic equipment manufacturer


One of the world’s largest manufacturers of fiber optic equipment and allied products


The client used lots of expensive components in their core processes which required effective utilization throughout the supply chain. The client was facing challenges in identifying defective products in the ongoing manufacturing process to reduce wastage.


SGA provided a comprehensive optimization solution using machine learning techniques, which helped to predict the defective components at various stages of the manufacturing process:

  • SGA’s DA team created a data set that had values of predictors in each step for every minute of the manufacturing process
  • The team added results from testing phase as a categorical variable with values Pass and Fail (for various factors including bending, flexing, torsion, impact resistance, and crush tests)
  • SGA trained the model on Spark to predict the outcome when the values of predictors deviate from expected values
  • SGA used random forest algorithm to get a robust model. The client then used the model on fibers in manufacturing process to predict failure


  • Reduced the number of defective fibers by10% with a 72% accuracy of prediction
  • Aided significant optimization of raw material usage, which would otherwise have been wasted


Apache Spark
Cloudera Oryx


Reduced the number of defective fibers by 10% with a 72% accuracy of prediction.
Aided significant optimization of raw material usage, which would otherwise have been wasted.