An Overview of the Indian ‘app analytics’ Market (Part 1)

Published On March 8, 2016
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India’s massive adoption of ‘Smart Mobile devices’ has proved to be a disruptive force in the start-up ecosystem of the country. Almost every major player in the e-commerce sector be it Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal has created a mobile app through which they are offering their plethora of services.

The plummeting PC sales figures are indicating a clear shift in consumer’s choice toward computing platform (PC to smartphone). This has led to an increased reliance on mobile applications. The sheer number of smartphones coupled with these apps has given these companies an unprecedented reach to their consumers but also a raising need for profound app analytics expertise.

Global trends to consider:

  • According to App Annie global Mobile app market is estimated to grow from USD 51 billion ( 2016 ) to USD 284 billion ( by 2020)
  • India is a significant contributor to the global app download growth because of availability of low priced Smart Phones
  • US, Japan and China will be central to global app revenue.

About 10,000 mobile applications are added to Google’s and Apple’s app stores every day but a majority is abandoned quickly, unable to engage users and the worst of all, sometimes the apps simply crashes. Some companies are keen to get users addicted to their apps, and some want to figure how to squeeze their apps for more user information.

Hence, deriving actual business insights and gaining competitive advantage out of this situation are going to be the real tricky part.

Some of the challenges are as follows:

  • It’s easy to count app downloads, but how does one know what else to measure to understand engagement?
  • How to perform ad hoc investigative analysis of mobile activity?
  • How to Optimize Mobile Marketing Campaigns?
  • How to perform real-time mobile app analytics for the entire customer lifecycle

Well, because of these challenges a host of ‘app analytics’ firms have sprouted over the past couple of years. Let us take a brief look at just two of them:

Founded in 2013, Mumbai-based CleverTap has grown rapidly from a small base of 15 customers to a global clientele of 1,500. The client list includes Disqus, MTV, BookMyShow, Craftsvilla and Times Now.

Another such example is MoEngage, which has offices in San Francisco and Bengaluru. The company works with around 120 companies including RedBus, BigBasket, US-based parking marketplace SpotHero and BaBe, a popular news aggregator in Jakarta.

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Ritwik Dey
Ritwik Dey
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