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Data Analytic Trends are Reshaping the EdTech Industry. How?

The internet has enabled individuals from distinct...

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Business Intelligence vs Data Analytics: Understanding the Critical Differences

As companies, big and small, join the race of Big Data, what’s getting lost in translation is the process and disparity...

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Capturing the COVID-19 Pandemic Through 5 Iconic Data Trends

Data visualization is the practice of visualizing data, illustrating it graphically.   As visual creatures,...

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80% Companies Will Depend on BI Tools – Top BI Trends 2020

Several organizations are in the midst of adopting digital transformation. The rapid increase in the quantity of data and...

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Visual Listening What Are the Pictures Telling Us?

Listening to Images? In this age of social media, words are becoming less prevalent while...

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Why Data Visualization is Crucial for Modern-day Businesses?

In our fast paced world with faster moving businesses, decision makers need to see the big picture, which keeps getting...

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