SG Analytics Perspectives - Market Research role in technology sector | Episode 1

The technology sector has a distinction of being a sector where businesses undergo transformation at a relentless pace. Innovative models continuously evolve, technologies either emerge, merge or simply disappear, and plus there is the influence of consumption on innovation. This constant innovation makes it pertinent for companies to be agile in their attempts to lookout for the next opportunity or risk. In fact it becomes mandatory, as technology is not only transforming businesses across a wide spectrum but also creating a competitive edge. Hence, it is crucial for businesses to gather relevant information to make strategic decisions. Interestingly, unlike other sectors, data is generated at an unparalleled scale in the technology sector. The intense pace at which data is generated, leaves very little room for tech companies to spend quality time to establish and analyze the huge volumes of data and derive actionable insights. Hence, a market research partner with domain knowledge and contextual analytics can play a significant role in supporting companies to make the most of their data. Such a market research partner helps to track technologies and products growth cycles, create relevant data sets, and determine where the businesses should be investing their resources, efforts, and time. The market research services at SG Analytics offer data analytics capabilities and technology expertise to develop a pragmatic understanding of what is changing from the technology sector’s perspective. It helps companies gain insights into ever changing customer behavior. The evolving role of market research in the technology sector needs to be continually assessed. That’s why we are speaking about it at length in our knowledge-sharing series called ‘SGA Perspectives’. SG Analytics’ Head of Research Sabayasachi Guha shares his views on how a research partner can help organizations track the ever changing technology and find solutions to their challenges.