Retail Analytics & Research Support

With the emergence of e-commerce in retail industry, consumers now enjoy unprecedented access to markets. As a result, retail sector companies need to work harder to stand out in the crowded marketplace. SG Analytics partners with retail companies globally to deliver a range of retail market research and retail analytics solutions that help clients enhance their understanding of consumers and competitors.

Benefits we deliver

  • RoI

    Enhance returns on your marketing spend.

  • Insights

    Understand consumer behavior and their perception about your brand.

  • Digital

    Maximize digital presence and launch targeted campaigns.

  • Pricing

    Deploy flexible pricing strategies.

Marketing effectiveness

  • Marketing RoI: Make use of retail market research to enhance the return on your marketing spend and increase the efficiency of your resource allocation decisions
  • High-level retail analytics solutions: “Bird's-eye” view of retail marketing operations via dashboards and custom visualizations
  • Marketing campaigns: Tailored campaigns that target the right audience
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Consumer Insights

  • Customer segmentation: Use rigorous customer segmentation techniques and targeting tools to understand customers better
  • Social media analysis: Leverage a broad range of tools including Natural Language Processing and text mining to analyze social media conversations
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Web and Digital Analytics

  • Conversion models: Generate models for retail sector that predict the various channels to conversion on retail websites
  • Maximize digital presence: Ensure online presence is maximized via tools including SEO and keyword analysis
  • A/B testing: Identify the design and campaigns that maximize the time your target audience spends on online retail platforms
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  • Craft merchandizing strategies: Use analytics to understand customer preferences and determine the right items to be promoted to enhance profitability
  • Dynamic pricing: Deploy flexible pricing strategies to entice customers
  • Predict customer behavior: Model customer behavior to determine in-store displays and promotional strategy
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