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Supriya Dixit represented SG Analytics and attended the Sustainability for Businesses Event by HSBC India on 14th June at Ritz Carlton, Pune.



15th June 2023


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The session shed insights on the global market view on sustainability, integrating ESG into practice, the opportunities for businesses as they switch to sustainable models, and much more. The event was attended by Group CFOs / Group Treasurers along with ESG / Sustainability Champions of Corporates. 

In India, the growing prominence of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability is transforming corporate strategies. Regulatory mandates have played an important role in ushering corporations across sectors to engage in socially and environmentally conscious approaches to business.  

As a Global Insights and Analytics company, we consistently strive towards harnessing the power of data with purpose along the entire data value chain to map it to specific purposes or goals to drive maximum and utmost value for all stakeholders.  

We strongly believe that adopting an ESG-enabled lens allows an organization to manage the risks and opportunities created by changes in environmental, economic, and social systems.