ESG Research

Custom ESG support that is in sync with your in-house research methodology.

ESG factors are becoming increasingly important for investors. SG Analytics integrates ESG developments into clients’ investment processes while ensuring decisions remain grounded in data.

Why SGA?

Industries We Serve

ESG Risk Monitoring and Exclusions Research

  • Identify significant and trending controversies across your portfolio and get robust ESG risk analysis on a daily basis
  • Get periodical health check and risk trackers for your investment portfolio
  • Screen your existing and prospective investments using SGA’s robust exclusion methodology, across a diverse range of funds
  • Receive investment recommendations based on multiple ESG exclusion criteria

ESG Data Research and Controversy Analysis

  • Build and maintain custom ESG databases across 500+ ESG-specific indicators
  • Get qualitative and quantitative information for private and publicly listed companies
  • Assess policies, programs, and company performance trends across various quantitative ESG KPIs
  • Track diverse range of ESG controversies, from developed markets to emerging markets, across multiple industries
  • Receive news briefings and newsletters, in-depth impact analysis and scoring, and trend reporting
  • Empower yourself with real-time know-how about the market reality of portfolio companies

Research Insights

ESG Research - Research Insights
  • Get in-depth and comprehensive company and industry analysis using SGA’s robust responsible investment research framework
  • Track company disclosure, controversy, stakeholder viewpoints, and social media sentiment across portfolios
  • Receive detailed company reports, country reports, thematic pieces, geopolitical, and socio-economic analysis

Corporate Governance Research

  • Explore and understand the dynamics of family businesses and uncover the risks and opportunities
  • Receive risk flags related to business ethics policies, executive compensation structure, risk management techniques, compliance and litigations, and board independence and diversity
  • Proxy voting support, shareholder activism, and corporate governance value enhancement services

Value Chain Assessment

ESG Research - Value Chain Assessment
  • Assess suppliers’ ESG performance, track controversies, and gauge overall engagement risks
  • Monitor your supply chain via daily news alerts and risk flags
  • Compare your value chain with other prospective and sustainable options in the same region or across the globe

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