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Data Governance Services

Enhancing data quality and implementing governance to enable actionable insights through digital transformation

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Why Are Data Governance Consulting Services & Solutions Are Important?

As part of our data governance consulting services & solutions, the data stewards at SG Analytics collaborate with the clients to standardize, secure, and integrate data through appropriate data governance models and strategies. Our perspective ensures the establishment of data-centric views, enterprise-wide data management, and data quality.

Our specialized data governance solutions enable data consistency and improve data quality, optimize business planning and decision-making with accurate data to increase revenue, and improve data lineage, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Clients leverage our data-cleansing services to enrich their enterprise data for boosting analytical productivity.

Data governance solutions

What We Offer

Our data governance services deliver end-to-end data stewardship by collating and reviewing mandatory aspects of data quality requirements and conducting a primary feasibility study in the context of data requirements.

  • Initiate Business Requirement Document (BRD) creation and coordinate with consumers to understand the data use case
  • Identify Key Data Elements (KDEs), map Physical Data Elements (PDEs) for the defined KDEs, and document thresholds for acceptability
  • Stakeholder coordination across the codification team, data architect, and data producers
  • BRD review and validation
  • Codification assistance, including review of alignment between a business rule and codified rule, UAT results review, and release approval

We have been instrumental in creating the Universal Client Master (UCM) for one of our marque BFSI clients, which is an enterprise-wide platform for party, account, hierarchy, and relationship data, using externally sourced market data for publicly available entity/hierarchy data, along with internal account and relationship data with controls and checks to ensure high-quality data that is reliably available via an enterprise-wide client/account identifier.

  • The unique aspect of the UCM is that it provides a structured scope for the cleansing process and an operating model to rationalize the multiple sources/layers of client data
  • The UCM enables the client to reduce applications and operational overhead while providing a single, authoritative source for all client data that will be leveraged by nearly every Line of Business (LOB) and digital horizon use case within the client organization

This involves designing a data operating model for different LOBs within the client organization. The final consolidated model would form the blueprint for the interim process, which includes the Client Master for centralized and certified data availability across the organization.

  • SGA is supporting the client with consulting work in this space and has successfully designed the data operating model
  • This project requires extensive interaction with multiple stakeholders, deriving the current workflow, and also suggesting how the interim and final state will have the Client Master implemented across LOBs

As a part of our data governance consulting services, we gather data from various data providers for the client KPIs. SG Analytics is involved in designing the data gathering tool, input data validation, trend analysis, and validation.

  • The project required interaction with the service directors and data owners for defining the KPIs aligned to the operational data before initiating monthly data gathering
  • Publishing interactive dashboards for the clients

As one of the well-known data visualization companies, we build visualization solutions, lay out sophisticated and accurate performance indicators and key data points to monitor the business, and generate insights to enhance efficiencies.

  • Strong capabilities in data visualization to create customized and interactive dashboards for senior-level reporting
  • Draw actionable insights to improve overall data quality
  • Enhanced RoI measurement
  • Highlight potential risk areas


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