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Data Aggregation Services

We gather data from different sources to draw meaningful analysis and drive business outcomes efficiently. Our data aggregation solutions help our clients have access to combined datasets from a range of prescribed databases for processing their data at a granular level.

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Data Aggregation Solutions

We aggregate data and process it to summarize a large pool of data into a more consolidated form. Our data aggregation solutions enable our clients to support their dynamic business environments ensuring easy maintenance and flexibility. We collect data schemas and code repositories from the existing systems/databases and stitch data lineage across the entire data supply chain. We follow a defined standard and apply best practices to keep our aggregated data up-to-date with a well-defined data dictionary and business glossary, which is further utilized to generate valuable insights.

Data Aggregation Services & Solutions

What We Offer

  • We facilitate accurate and rapid interpretation of data by leveraging our data aggregation, warehousing, and management services
  • We stitch data from different sources and create meaningful KPIs using data from multiple sources
  • Expertise in data processing and aggregation by applying complex business rules using ETL tools to create functional enterprise data marts, both on the cloud and on-premises
  • We provide our customers clean, transformed, processed, and aggregated data for specific analysis by creating data marts
  • Aggregated data is stored and refreshed to support visualization or analysis efficiently
  • We streamline and equip data with business processes and enhance the end report generation frequency


Data Expertise Across Domains

The SGA team has technical expertise across industries like BFSI, Media, Entertainment, Pharma, and E-commerce to aggregate, process, and analyze data.

Automated Data Extraction Processes

Our automated data extraction and cleansing processes enable us to eliminate errors in the process.

Timely and Informed Decision-making Process

We offer time-efficient and accurate data aggregation and analysis for process effectiveness.

Who We Work With


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Our full stack data engineering services and solutions provide organized, standard data flow powering data-driven models and decisions for your business.