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Big data analytics consulting services that help solve complex business problems

In a data-driven world, companies need to harness the true potential of data to make effective decisions. This is where our big data analytics services can be instrumental in helping our clients make the best of unrealized opportunities. Our data analytics capabilities and research skills bring together context and data to generate meaningful business insights. We are one of the leading data analytics consulting services companies to offer marketing analytics, customer analytics, research analytics, sales analytics, and other data analytics services under one umbrella.  

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Who We Work With

  • CMO's & Marketing Decision Makers

    We form the foundation for data-driven decision making.

  • Chief Digital Officers

    We create digital and IoT roadmaps to create hyper-personal consumer experiences.

  • Sales Leaders

    Our targeted sales solutions deliver higher RoI's.

  • Supply Chain Leaders & Decision Makers

    We help you cut the slack and create better processes and precedents.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing and sales analytics services | SG Analytics
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing spends and predict return on investments
  • Generate insights from social media data to understand consumer sentiments and market trends
  • Develop and enhance multi-channel attribution models to identify the most effective marketing channels
  • As one of the leading data analytics companies, SGA helps in generating a “360-degree” view of customer behavior and launch personalized offers
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Consumer Analytics

Customer Analytics - Analytics
  • With the help of our data analytics research team, identify, acquire, and retain customers to improve profitability
  • Understand customers’ behavior better and use segmentation for better targeting
  • Hyper-personalize your offerings to improve customer engagement and get better returns on your investments
  • Know who your best customers are
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Sales Analytics

Media mix modeling services company | SG Analytics
  • Optimize Salesforce usage and territory management strategies to get the best out of sales teams
  • Forecast markets and sales potential accurately for better outreach and coverage
  • Analyze performance of sales teams and design incentives that maximize productivity and returns
  • Track and measure performance of sales teams across products and segments to optimize sales costs
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Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations and Supply Chain - Analytics
  • Accurate demand forecasting using organizational, market, and economic variables
  • Inventory planning and optimization using data analytics and optimization models
  • Vendor management strategies using predictive tools to ensure streamlined supply chain networks
  • Network and capacity optimization to ensure efficient transportation and delivery of products and services
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