Case study

Estimating UK’s Communications Market Size to Identify the Next Growth Category

communications market

Business Situation

  • Our client wanted to identify future growth segments in the market that the portfolio company could target and expand into, using its existing setup.
  • We looked at the communications market size by application (financial services, enterprises, healthcare, and government) and by technology (routing, recording, and analytics).

SGA Support

  • Conducted an exhaustive secondary research to understand the communication market including market size, product segmentation (by application and technology), pricing etc.
  • Held 50+ marketplace discussions with stakeholders and industry experts to understand the industry value chain and the potential market for the client.
  • Created a flexible excel-based, easy-to-use interface with interactive dashboard that allows the user to modify input parameters and see changes in corresponding output.
  • Prepared a dynamic excel-based model, across applications (financial services, enterprizes, healthcare, and government), and by technologies (routing, recording, and analytics).

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