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Automation-Powered Solution for a Leading Swiss Private Bank Enabling Quick Turnaround and Distribution of the Coverage Universe

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The client wanted to initiate coverage on 1000+ equity and credit names along with periodic monitoring of the coverage universe, tracking updates on key events, and identifying and evaluating investment opportunities. The client was pressed for time due to an impending regulatory deadline and was seeking an efficient solution that could meet the tight timelines and quality parameters. In addition, the client required the research outputs to be refreshed daily after capturing the most recent market information and published in the portal.



Based on our understanding of the client’s requirement, SGA identified the key addressable areas and adopted the following strategic approach:

• SGA deployed a team of experienced analysts with expertise in working across sectors and geographies. The analysts were adept on identifying emerging themes, performing impact analysis, and articulating them in easy-to-understand language that could appeal UHNWI clients.

• To address the timeliness of deliverables, SGA automated the data extraction process to pull the key financial KPIs, market data, etc. Before deploying it live, the data pulled through automation was validated through a rigorous quality check process.



Automation-powered solution for a leading Swiss private bank enabling timely initiation and maintenance of coverage universe


• Automation significantly improved the production turnaround time.

• SGA, using the in-house automation capabilities, developed a proprietary automated tool to update the latest market data in research publications.

• Using automation, data was extracted from annual reports, corporate websites, and financial data providers to create up to 40% of research report content and up to 70% of the quantitative model.

• The team developed an easy-to-use file transfer mechanism enabling bulk transfer/sharing of research publications.



• Coverage/initiations on 1000+ companies completed within the mandated turnaround time of three months.

• With the help of automation, the turnaround time for the initiation phase of the first three months was brought down to 8 hours, which otherwise would have taken 20 hours if it was done entirely manually.

• Through continued optimization, the turnaround time was brought down to 2 hours for the subsequent update cycles.

• Identified and communicated potential exits from the portfolio through regular monitoring.

• ~50% cost savings delivered during the first year itself.

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