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SGA Perspectives – The Role of Market Research in Technology Sector

Constant evolution is occurring in the technology ecosystem, making it important for organizations to be aware of potential opportunities or risks. Sabyasachi Guha, Head of Research, SG Analytics shares his views on the future of market research and how a research partner can support organization to achieve its business goals. Watch “SGA Perspectives” knowledge series to gain more insights.

The CEO Speak – All About SG Analytics

SG Analytics’ CEO, Sushant Gupta shares the story of SG Analytics - how it has today, become one of the leading research and analytics service provider globally. He also shares the values, the mindset and the strengths that makes SG Analytics a vibrant organization! Watch the video!

Brexit conundrum: What’s the deal with ‘no-deal Brexit’?

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Sushant Gupta, has been quoted in this interesting Brexit story that TimesNow News did. Read the article to know what he had to say.


Trends in ESG research | Conversation with Mike Tyrrell – Founder SRI-Connect

ESG Investments have grown quite substantially over the past few years. To talk about some of the key trends that we see in this space, we have invited Mike Tyrrell from SRI-Connect.