Role of Analytics in Making Better Content Decisions

Data Analytics

In today's digital world, viewers hold the power in business. It is all about presenting consumers with the best offering, about them dictating the terms and standards to businesses, and making things easy and simpler for them to participate in the journey and development of the final product. In 2023 and beyond, gaming is also set to play a critical role across the media and entertainment sector, as it will highlight communities in expanding entertainment licenses.

Key Takeaways:

  1. In the media and entertainment industry, data analytics is used to track viewers’ habits, predict successful content, and understand the ways in which audiences consume content.
  2. The data is gathered by tracking social media conversations, through website traffic analysis, and via customer surveys.
  3. Data analytics enables organizations to dig into these complex structures and make sound decisions related to a product based on better planning, data insights, and behavioral patterns of their customers.

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