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The World of Virtual Reality: How Virtual Entertainment is Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology?

Technology is ubiquitous in our daily lives. With exciting development in the use of technology, media, and entertainment, firms...

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“The Ultimate Dream of Social Technology”: What Is the Metaverse and Everything You Need to Know

“From now on, we will be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first,” declared Mark Zuckerberg in a founder’s letter...

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Social Media Trends That Marketers MUST Follow in 2022

Worldwide, nearly 4.5 billion people are active on social media. That accounts for over half of the world’s population....

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RPA Market Is Expected to Reach $1 BN by 2022 – Top 10 Technology Trends

Undoubtedly, people across the world are adopting latest technologies more than ever. 52% of consumers agree to the fact...

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The US Unemployment Rate Falls to 11.1% In June – Recruiting in a Virtual World

Introduction  As Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc across the globe, businesses are...

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Impact of Augmented Reality on the Workplace

The workplace has always been a place where a group of similarly dressed people in the same physical environment are conducting...

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