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IMAX Screenings for Oppenheimer: Is the Movie Shifting the Narrative for Media and Entertainment Industry?

Today, the media and entertainment sectors are facing considerable challenges than in the past. With the industry growing faster...

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Digital Piracy: How it is Jeopardizing the Flourishing Entertainment Industry and Creative Economy

The internet opened innumerable and unimaginable methods of communication that benefit and detriment society. The infinite number...

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How is the Media and Entertainment Industry Leveraging Big Data Analytics for Disruptive Growth?

In today's scenario, Media and Entertainment organizations are seeking to distinguish themselves from their competitors by...

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Emerging Trends in Media and Entertainment Industry in 2023

While 2021 was a year of uncertainty due to disruptions in public health, supply chains, and geopolitics, 2022 witnessed a slower...

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Curation ,Consolidation, and More Creation: Digital Media and Entertainment Trends for 2022

In 2015, the media and entertainment industry, globally, generated over $1.8 trillion in revenue. Four years later, in 2019, the...

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“Valued at $4.75 Billion”: Bolt, Getir, and the Rise of ‘Super Apps’

The Estonia-based start-up, Bolt, has raised $713 million (Forbes) in a fresh round this month. The ride-hailing app, with over...

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#BlackWidow Makes $60 Million in VOD Sales: Can Theaters and OTT Coexist?

Last weekend, Black Widow was released after 14 months of delay.   The long-awaited origin story of the...

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“It’s Going to Be Put Up or Shut Up” - Are the OTT Wars Headed Towards Consolidation?

Recently, the streaming behemoth, Netflix, rolled out a new feature for its platform to circumvent anxious...

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55.1 MN People to Abandon Linear TV by 2022 – Will OTT Kill Linear TV Broadcasting?

Has the era of linear TV broadcasting come to an end? Does the future belong to the OTT stars?  There’s no...

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