PUNE: SG Analytics, a Pune-headquartered research and analytics firm, has announced for full-time employees a “profit share plan” as an alternative to employee stock option plans (ESOPs). This inclusion
will be in addition to its existing compensation structure. “SGA is a people-first company. In line with this philosophy, starting this year, we are initiating a company-wide profit share plan wherein, based on certain criteria, a share of profits of the company are going to be distributed evenly across all the employees,” said Sushant Gupta, founder, and chief executive officer of SG Analytics.

“I’m particularly excited about this plan because it helps the employees achieve liquidity which an ESOP plan does not do.” The profits will be distributed evenly across employees, irrespective
of seniority.

“The objective of this initiative is to empower and motivate every member of the SGA family to work towards taking the SGA success story to greater heights and grow and prosper together,” Gupta said.
SG Analytics has always pursued an “employee first” strategy, which it believes is the key to its progress over time. In line with this ideology, the company plans to share its success with its

Source - https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/information-tech/sg-analytics-proposes-profit-share-plan-for-all-employees/articleshow/82771172.cms