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Healthcare Market Access

We provide holistic reports combining strategy and market evaluation with competitive intelligence (CI) to help pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics firms and other life sciences or diagnostics players establish as well as improve their product presence in the face of intense market rivalry and price wars.

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Market Access in Healthcare

Before deciding about entering the market, changing prices, shifting product positioning, or implementing other strategic actions in response to the competitive landscape, companies in the life sciences and healthcare industries must thoroughly analyze the market and its subtleties. 

No new or old company can predict how customers or decision-makers feel in any market. A business must be able to monitor market trends in real-time to ensure its goods are moving to the high-demand market instead of sitting in storage. 

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Healthcare Market access

Market Access Services

We assist you in answering these concerns before you even begin to schedule the procedure.

  • How big is the potential market for me right now, and will it expand or shrink at a specific time?
  • How can I use information and insights to learn about the interplay between payers, providers, and the distribution landscape?
  • How can I maximize my reimbursement wherever I may be?
  • How do I use market data to inform strategic decisions?
  • I do not understand why some of my competitors are outperforming me.
  • How can I ensure the payers receive the most money possible for my services, goods, and tools?

What We Offer

SGA covers both native English-speaking and non-English-speaking markets like the GCC, CIS, SEA, and LATAM.

SGA offers a 360° overview of healthcare and market access systems and tracks how the key country pricing systems work before planning your market entry or expansion.

SGA measures the strength of your clinical profile and the ‘pricing power’ it affords you by conducting market surveys and primary research with the end users.

SGA uses evidence-based techniques to get the most accurate feedback while conducting pricing research with the stakeholders. Our insights are stronger and better as our pool size of customer interviewees is statistically significant and driven by our in-house panelists.

SGA analyzes historic payer behavior and current nuances as a powerful predictor and explainer of future pricing behavior. Our forecast models are customizable and data-driven and built by industry experts with over 15 years of experience in their specific fields.

SGA’s global network helps you evaluate the impact of your product’s prices globally.

Our team of experts supports your market access teams during the implementation phase and helps build a sustainable near-term roadmap.


Industry Leaders

SGA thrives by its brand promise Lifes Possible and is recognized as the trusted life sciences & healthcare business consulting and services provider company in the U.S.

12+ Languages

Multilingual capabilities include Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bahasa, Hindi, Bengali, and English (U.S. & U.K.) experts (either in-house or partnerships).

Data-Driven Insights

With in-depth domain knowledge and proven capabilities of delivering monetizable insights, we deliver high-quality, efficient outputs.

End-To-End Solutioning

The in-house KOL capability of more than 700, along with in-house capabilities of primary market research, financial research, data analytics, engineering, IT, and ESG research and consulting, helps to present credible competitive information.

Who We Work With


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We strongly believe in equal opportunity for all. Our research team consists of more females than males i.e., 55 % females, and consists of PhDs, M Pharms, D Pharms, Postgraduate in finance, Biotech postgraduates, and MBAs.

Our combined experience of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life sciences, and med-tech ensures high-quality, white-labelled research coverage.