Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Working toward a brighter future for India

One of the biggest challenges that we confront today as a nation is the uneducated rural mass. Its drag on India’s progress cannot be overlooked. Low cost, high quality, sustainable and scalable models of education (for rural India) are the crying need of the hour and among our topmost social priorities.

We understand this conundrum, and that’s why we have collaborated with Isha Vidhya, an NGO run by Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation, to contribute towards the noble cause of educating rural India. We are happy to sponsor full education scholarships (as Corpus fund) to educate 5 children each for 14 years (LKG to 12th grade).

SG Analytics resonates with Isha Vidhya’s focus on empowering the most economically disadvantaged who, without education would find it virtually impossible to climb out of the pit of hunger, hopelessness, deprivation, and despair.

Isha Vidhya has been doing laudable work in this space. So far, they have built and are running 9 rural schools, are conducting critical intervention in 121 rural government schools in Tamil Nadu and 3,000 in Andhra Pradesh. Put together, Isha Vidhya’s reach at present is building the lives of close to 2,00,000 children.

SG Analytics is happy to have made a constructive contribution to the society and our nation at large.

We wholeheartedly will continue to strive towards helping create a significant change in one’s life and contribute to educating and empowering rural India.

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