Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Helping doctors and front-line healthcare workers

The dramatic effects of Covid-19 on highly vulnerable groups such as older people and individuals with underlying health conditions are well known. But, amidst this crisis, the vulnerability of front-line healthcare workers and doctors has been less spoken about. Due to unavailability of proper PPEs, thousands of healthcare workers have contracted the novel coronavirus and many have even lost their lives.


The PPCR (Pune Platform for Covid-19 Response) is a volunteer group of prominent business, industry, and start-up leaders to assess the potential gaps in the demand and supply of the provisions in the Pune region. The volunteer group comprises of over 100 top entrepreneurs, CEO’s, doctors, scientists, academicians, former ambassadors, retired civil servants, senior professionals, start-ups and concerned citizens of Pune. The platform is assisted by the ‘Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture’.


SG Analytics is proud to have contributed to the rapid response steps taken by the PPCR ( Pune Platform for Covid-19 Response), equipping them with resources required to procure life saving ventilators and PPEs (Personal Protection Equipments) like N95 Masks, Goggles, Face Shields and medical gowns that are essential for the healthcare workers in confronting challenges posed by this pandemic.

We are confident that our active efforts in providing medical equipments and consumables for the doctors and front-line healthcare workers will boost the government’s rapid response action and help them effectively deal with Covid-19.