Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Enabling the dreams of talented girl-students by sponsoring education & creating job opportunities

We at SG Analytics are resolute believers and advocates of bringing positive change in the lives of the people we interact with and the environment around us.

In line with our philosophy of "Thriving Together," we joined hands with Aatmaja Foundation, a non-profit (not-for-profit) organization that enables and empowers girls from underprivileged backgrounds to fulfill their dreams and achieve their full potential by providing them with financial aid (fee reimbursement, costs for books, notebooks, additional coaching, and hostel fees), upskilling (career and personal counseling, skill development, and grooming, guidance on competitive exams), and support network (a platform for Aatmajas to learn from and help each other, and placements).

Our engagement with Aatmaja includes sponsoring the professional education of bright and talented girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds - these girls will be pursuing courses including Engineering, MCA, MCS, and PG in Microbiology.

SGA is committed to sponsoring the education of these girls for the entire duration of their studies. We further aspire to integrate these talented women into our SGA ecosystem once they have successfully completed their studies.

Through our engagement with Aatmaja, we are resolved to make life truly possible for these young, bright, and talented girls from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them access to not only education and mentoring but also offering them a chance to break out of generational poverty by giving them access to job pools at SGA and helping them thrive, alongside us.