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We Streamlined Data Governance and Created Data Operating Model for One of the largest US-based Custodian Banks.

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The client faced challenges related to inconsistent data practices, fragmented data ownership, and a lack of robust data governance frameworks. These issues hindered data reliability, resulted in data silos, and posed compliance risks. SGA identified the need for a comprehensive data governance operating model to address these challenges and transform the client's data management practices.


  • SGA conducted a thorough assessment of the client's existing data governance processes and requirements. Based on industry best practices and the client's specific needs, a tailored data governance operating model was designed.
  • SGA assisted the client in defining clear roles and responsibilities for data stewards, data owners, and data custodians. Data stewards were assigned specific data domains and were responsible for data quality, standards, and issue resolution. Data owners were identified to ensure accountability and ownership of critical data assets.
  • SGA supported the client in implementing effective data governance processes. This included data classification, data quality assessment, data lineage documentation, access controls, privacy measures, and issue management.
  • In addition, SGA collaborated with various data owners to understand their data quality needs and implement efficient and robust data quality contracts and controls.


The SGA team worked on revamping the client's data governance approach, designing a new operating model, and implementing processes to ensure its maintenance.


  • The client achieved a robust data governance framework, ensuring the integrity, consistency, and security of data. This resulted in enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements, mitigating the risks associated with data privacy and protection.
  • The new robust data governance operating model enabled the client to improve data quality and consistency across systems and departments.
  • The data governance operating model positioned the client for future scalability and adaptability. The framework allowed for the integration of new data sources and systems, accommodating future growth and technological advancements.


  • SGA's implementation of the data governance operating model enabled the client to achieve improved data governance, enhanced data quality, streamlined processes, and compliance with regulations. 
  • These benefits positively impacted decision making, collaboration, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and future-readiness, ultimately driving the client's success in a data-driven business landscape. 

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