Case study

We Enhanced Our Client’s Pre-/Post-merger and Acquisition Performance Tracking, Boosting Its Effectiveness

SG Analytics DA Case Study


One of the leading manufacturers acquired a few leading companies in its segment. The client wanted to engage us to help with the post-merger analytics to track its day-to-day business.


  • We identified the data to be mastered based on business requirements.
  • We integrated CRM, Sales Ops(ERP), and other data on a cloud-based data warehouse.
  • We aggregated data at category, product type, and geography levels.
  • We generated 20+ Key Performance Indicator metrics (SLAs Compliance, Attachment, GP per customer, etc.).
  • We built a storyboard and dashboard design.
  • We delivered 10+ customized dashboards across multiple business units with persona-based access enablement.
  • We conducted an ongoing deep-dive analysis to answer specific ad-hoc business questions.
  • We created a business linkage to diagnostic analysis using exploratory methods.


Our solutions helped our client empower their merger and acquisition success through analytics-driven insights/dashboards and strategy planning.


  • The automated and cost-effective reports enabled our client to improve its business tracking process, which was also time-efficient.
  • Overall, the operational efficiency and associated cost improved by 8%.


  • Our multi-layer dashboard served as a data cockpit that enabled users to track operations more effectively.
  • The drill functionality enabled the client to track its business at the most granular level across dimensions, on a single screen.

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