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ESG Excellence: SG Analytics Empowers Clients to Seamlessly Integrate ESG Factors into Investment and Asset Management

SG Analytics Case Study Sustainability Solutions Provider based in France


The client, a sustainability solution provider based in France, was seeking an experienced and proficient team of subject matter experts (SMEs) from various ESG domains to improve its existing ESG solutions platform. The client required assistance in gathering and refining the data for its customers’ portfolio companies. Furthermore, it also sought our expertise in extracting ESG data from reliable sources and verifying it.


  • Thoroughly reviewed and assessed a variety of ESG surveys that were developed based on different ESG frameworks. These surveys serve as tools to gather specific information related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.
  • Formulated a specialized FTE approach model to cater to a specific requirement of the client. We assembled a dedicated team of SMEs with expertise in various domains of ESG. This team was responsible for gaining expertise over the client's platform and collecting, aggregating, and refining data associated with the indicators specified in each unique survey. Furthermore, the team conducted data extraction processes and meticulously analyzed the results obtained.
  • Undertook a comprehensive project that spanned global portfolio companies with a specific focus on private market entities within the financial services, investment management, and asset management sectors. This diverse scope allowed for a well-rounded assessment of ESG practices and performance.
  • Recognized that KPIs varied across each designed survey. These KPIs encompassed a wide array of dimensions, including emissions data, diversity metrics, policies for whistleblowers, employee turnover rates, health and safety practices, product safety standards, data breach incidents, biodiversity preservation efforts, board effectiveness evaluations, and governance oversight protocols.
  • Developed comprehensive guideline documents tailored to each category of tasks involved in the project. These guidelines outlined step-by-step procedures to be followed by the team, ensuring a systematic and consistent approach to data collection, extraction, and analysis. 
  • Successfully met project milestones and deadlines by delivering the necessary set of ESG surveys to multiple portfolio companies within the stipulated time frame. This ensured that customers received valuable insights and recommendations in a timely manner.


Analyzing the ESG surveys crafted based on diverse ESG frameworks pertaining to the portfolio companies of the customer. Furthermore, the engagement required extracting data for these distinct surveys on the client’s platform utilizing multiple sources uploaded on the platform, such as sustainability reports, policy documents, etc.


  • An improved and clearer understanding of the ESG performance of the portfolio companies being evaluated. 
  • Identified areas of confusion and errors within the current survey, resulting in refining the scope of the surveys and enhancing the client’s overall effectiveness in capturing accurate and meaningful ESG data.
  • Conducted a meticulous process of gathering and organizing data for the identified indicators. 
  • Provided transparent references to the sources from which data was collected, enhancing the credibility of the gathered information.
  • Established standardized guidelines for each category of tasks to ensure consistency and efficiency in the process. These guidelines provided a structured step-by-step approach, serving as a reference for the team to follow, thus promoting a systematic and organized workflow.


  • Enhancing ESG performance visibility: Enhanced and more lucid comprehension of the assessed portfolio companies' ESG performance.
  • Research insights and recommendations: Yielded valuable insights and recommendations concerning various ESG frameworks. These insights were extended as guidance to customers’ portfolio companies, which allowed the companies to evaluate their alignment with a responsible investing strategy.
  • Mitigating inconsistent data collection and reporting: Reduced the risk of inconsistent data collection and reporting. We achieved this by closely monitoring the reported data against direct company disclosures. Additionally, we provided best practices to align portfolio practices with ESG standards, ensuring consistency and reliability in reporting.

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