Case study

Sales Performance Tracking for a Healthcare Company

healthcare company


A leading healthcare company, managing relationships with about 60,000 customers, having approximately 250 different types of products, and operations across 24 countries.


The client wanted to proactively predict customer behavior in order to reduce churn and find cross-sell opportunities in a specific territory. SG Analytics helped build a customized solution in Salesforce, which acted as an early warning system for renewal of each product for customers in advance for different country/product categories.SG Analytics redesigned the existing third-party architecture and customized the app as per the client’s business requirements.


Based on a detailed understanding of the client’s technology and product stack, SG Analytics utilized predictive analytics to build a renewal app within the Salesforce ecosystem:

  • SG Analytics’ team helped gather and combine the client’s historical customer data.
  • The team built a predictive model in R, analyzing customer behavior for renewal of products along with a compact security model that defines the access data hierarchy among Salesforce users.
  • The team integrated the predictive model with SFDC and developed a customized renewal app that helped predict renewals, prioritize at-risk customers, and cross-sell to existing customers across different countries/categories.
  • SG Analytics built several dashboards and reports to help the client’s sales managers visualize data and gain analytical insights for confident decisionmaking.

Value Delivered

  1. SG Analytics solution enabled an average increase of 10% in product orders.
  2. The tool powered a 40% increase in revenue of select product categories post app implementation.
  3. Overall, SG Analytics’ deliverable increased the productivity of the client’s sales representatives by 100%.

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