Case study

Maximize Customer Portfolio Value for an Insurance Provider

customer portfolio value


A leading insurance provider with products across personal, auto, and commercial insurance.


The client was facing challenges in maximizing the value of its customer portfolio by cross-selling and up-selling, and sought a solution.


SG Analytics’ data analytics team divided the problem statement into three major parts: customer segmentation, propensity model, and campaign design, and created the following solution:

  • SG Analytics employed “propensity to buy” models for optimizing return on investment (RoI) on various campaigns to up-sell and cross-sell insurance products through superior targeting.
  • Our data analytics team used logistic regression models to determine probability of cross-selling products to policyholders.
  • The team deployed analytics to build a comprehensive cross-sell solution.

Value Delivered

Helped in designing effective and focused cross-sell campaigns with improved response rates.

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