Case study

We Deployed Custom Business Intelligence (Bi) Solution for Our Retail E-Commerce Seller to Make Traditional, Manual Processes Leaner and Faster

SG Analytics Data Analytics Case Study


Our e-commerce retail seller needed help with the following challenges that they were facing:

  • The data was scattered and manually downloaded from sources like Amazon Seller Central for various brands
  • For each brand, reports were created manually in MS Excel
  • This manual process created a lag of 1 week in getting insights about brand performance.


  • We created data pipelines and configured APIs to ingest the data from various e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopify to Snowflake DB.
  • We wrote scripts to stitch and process data from different sources for all brands.
  • We conducted workshops with different brand owners and identified the KPIs to be reported and business rules to be applied.
  • We designed dashboards that could cater to all the brand requirements.
  • We developed data pipelines to apply brand-specific business rules, aggregate data, and create KPIs.
  • We created Tableau Dashboards for all brands.
  • We automated the end-to-end data and Dashboard Refresh option.



We enabled our client to have a 360-degree view of the performance of various brands across e-commerce platforms in a timely and efficient way.


  • The brand performance dashboards were refreshed with minimal effort, thus saving more than 95+ hours of operational efforts.
  • The insights from the data were available with a lead time of 1 day, which reduced the lag by 4 days.



The traditional MS Excel reports were replaced with more intuitive and insightful Tableau Dashboards.

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