Case study

Customer Profiling and Retention Campaign Optimization for a Large Insurer

Customer profiling


One of the top Leading insurers of US, with product lines across Life insurance, annuities, long-term care, asset management.


The client wanted to optimize the response and the revenue from its retention campaigns by automating the performance monitoring, understanding the response likelihood of the customers and streamlining the retention campaigns. The client was facing significant constraints related to the real time reporting of the performance of the campaigns.


SG Analytics discussed the business situation with the client in detail and delivered the following four-step solution:

  • SG Analytics mapped the current manual process flow and decided to create a workflow using their in house MicoStrategey tool to reduce the manual effort and mode real time performance view of the campaign
  • Dashboards that allows the performance visibility across many dimensions were implemented to equip the executive team as well as the operations team to take actions when needed
  • Team also built response models to identify the response likelihood of the customers and then stitch the campaigns based on the customer segment
  • A collection of models were experimented and ensemble model was used to derive the propensity to respond
  • A model monitoring and associated reporting mechanism was also put in place to understand how the quality of the models were deteriorating over a period

Value Delivered

  • Developed distinct modules for campaign responsiveness and the related segmentation.
  • Enabled revenue optimization via identification of high/low performing campaigns, and customer segmentation.
  • Ensured a real time executive as well operational view of the overall retention campaign performance (e.g. incremental premiums received) with a reduced manual effort.
  • Incremental improved 37% and significant campaigning costs were avoided.

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