Case study

Budget Allocation Across Marketing Vehicles

Budget allocation


A retail giant in the US having an e-commerce site for online shopping.


The client’s marketing team wanted to understand their budget allocation across various marketing vehicles. The client sought insights in effectiveness of affiliate marketing and optimizing the marketing mix. The client was facing challenges in appropriately attributing the contribution of each channel to the conversions, and benchmarking the best commerce business model in their industry


SG Analytics’ data analytics team understood client’s business and marketing strategy, and took the following steps to gain insights into overall marketing effectiveness:

  • SG Analytics collated search data, and identified the customer purchase behavior and search path. The team built attribution models to determine conversions assigned to each touch point in the buyer journey.
  • For channels that got traffic from other channels, SG Analytics recommended search retargeting to ensure the campaign running in one channel can capture the lost traffic from other channels.
  • SG Analytics recommended search word expansion to boost the traffic volume for the effective channel directly or the ones that assist other advertising channels to convert.
  • SG Analytics recommended “redirect function plus offer discounts” to those returning users from the ad, which increased the chances of conversion.

Value Delivered

  • Helped the marketing team monitor performance of different media channels.
  • Enhanced ROI by re-allocating budget toward the most effective channels.

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