Digital Transformation through Analytics

2020 was the year when organizations across the board were caught in the flurry of an unprecedented ambiguity which would later, evolve into what is now famously known as, ‘the new normal’. The COVID-19 driven digital adoption witnessed companies of all sizes, across sectors racing to transform themselves to stay relevant in the uncertain times. 

In this Data Analytics outlook we examine the disruptive digital transformation sweeping across key industries like media & entertainment, technology, BFSI & healthcare, enabled through data analytics and accelerated, in some cases by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Key highlights: 

1. The ML Ops market is predicted to grow to approximately $4 billion by 2025. 

2. 97.8% individuals reported that they use video to communicate with family and friends. 

3. The proliferation of IoT connected devices is expected to generate 79.4 Zeta Bytes (ZB) of data across 41.6 billion devices. 


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