A Brief on United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, 2021

From Oct 31 to Nov 12, Glasgow held the COP26. Agreed to by 197 nations, the Glasgow Pact aims to stave off severe climate change impacts. It reaffirms the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting the global average temperature increase within 2° C. What did the nations agree to? Read the white paper to find out.

Key Points

  • More than 120 countries have announced new targets for emission reductions by 2030
  • A commitment by 23 countries to phase out coal and not build or invest in new coal power generation
  • Public funding of USD 12 billion from 12 countries to support work to protect, restore, and manage forests sustainably, with a target to be completed by 2025
  • The global temperature will rise by 1.8° C if all announced targets are fully achieved

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