Leverage domain knowledge and testing expertise for high-quality assurance

Automated Test Engineering Services

SG Analytics helps clients manage testing and quality assurance processes using best-in-class domain knowledge and automated, standardized test engineering solutions.

Reduce business expenses and accelerate efficiency with automated test engineering services. Our quality assurance services use technology advancements to enable companies to survive in complex and competitive environment.

Why SGA ?


Test Automation

  • Brings in 100% reusability of test assets, Improves test coverage upto 80%
  • Drives design-to-execution test automation, ensure integration with any ALM and Modelling tools
  • Reduces maintenance work by 50%, Reduces E2E release cycle time by 30%
  • Test for multiple devices and platforms at the same time, and dramatically reduce time- to-market
  • Eliminate human error, identify critical risk factors and move closer to 100% testing consistency
  • Provides consolidated reports and graphical representation of each execution

Agile / DevOps Testing

  • Continuous delivery transformation prioritizes collaboration and agility to deliver high - value software quickly, helping you keep pace with changing customer needs, evolving technologies and dynamic markets
  • Accelerate your IT performance with shorter development cycles, continuous feedback delivery and frequent, agile-oriented version control and release management
  • Comprehensive agile roll-out and performance optimization for all teams at every level
  • Run QA initiatives 24x7, without manual iterative testing using CD/CI process

API / Service / Microservice Testing

  • Home-grown framework uses opensource tools, is a lightweight API testing framework that provides scale to enable faster testing in both traditional SOAP and modern API/Microservices
  • Enable integration with CI/CD tools that perfectly fits in DevOps model
  • Ensures effort saving in test automation, by 30 to 40%
  • Lower test maintenance efforts by 20%
  • Key benefits include reduced cost of delivery, testing time and increased accuracy

Security & Performance Testing

  • 20-30% performance improvement of critical transactions
  • 60% effort saving on comprehensive analysis and recommendations, 35% productivity improvement
  • Optimized infrastructure, resource utilization cost model including pay as you go options
  • End-to-end automation solution for client-side performance using open-source tools
  • Implementing security as part of QA by taking shift-left approach
  • Expertise in cybersecurity testing automation and best practices using commercial and open source tools
  • Web application security testing, mobile app security testing, regulatory & compliance, & static code analysis, focus on digital technologies such as cloud, network and IoT

Cloud Testing

  • Help our clients in designing, optimizing and implementing cloud automation strategy
  • Deep expertise in functional, non-functional, migrating and running complex cloud operations
  • Our cloud testing covers servers, databases, applications, network, and security
  • Our automation landscape also covers vital activities such as monitoring (health check monitoring, security monitoring)

Quality Engineering and Process Consulting

  • Design tailor-made end-to-end testing process for leaner operations that power robust business results
  • In-depth discovery and need-mapping techniques that eliminate delays and budget-overruns
  • Latest testing methodologies and automation frameworks to cut down time-to-market and deliver more predictable systems
  • Identify suitable tools/technologies, capacity planning and design that help you boost productivity while eliminating redundancies and lowering costs

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