Context-Based automation to transform your processes

Intelligent Automation Services

SG Analytics helps transform your processes and make them highly scalable, automated and intelligent. Our intelligent automation services and solutions help maintain a highly reliable technology and process backbone for your business. 

Intelligent Automation Technology

Market research companies not only help gain knowledge about customer trends, but emerging trends and issues of the market for businesses further also focuses on nurturing organizations to constantly keep pace with advancing technology. SG analytics offer intelligent automation technology services to reduce time-to-market and deliver products that meet customer expectation.  

Why SGA ?


Intelligent Content Aggregation

  • Faster and highly scalable data collection using automated solutions
  • Dynamic tagging and NLP-based decoding
  • Noise filters and spam removal
  • Fast, real-time insight generation
  • Research and analysis from unstructured content
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Multisource Data Acquisition

  • Acquire data from multiple sources and integrate into a unified platform
  • Automated high-frequency extract, transform, and load processes
  • End-to-end data standardization and management
  • Create a single view of data at rest and data in motion for structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data types
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AI & NLP-based Data Treatments

  • AI-based algorithms that correct and standardize data
  • Gradual training and learning systems to massage the data
  • Document classification and reading algorithms for big data
  • Intelligent data treatment and bundled solutions for data management
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Workflow and Business Process Automation (RPA)

  • Create business rules and conditional logic systems
  • Business process and activity monitoring solutions
  • Event time-based triggers for ease of communication and coordination
  • Notification/assignment/escalation for process control
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