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Competitive Intelligence

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To maintain your edge in today’s highly competitive business environment, it is necessary that you understand the market that you operate in and its key players. Competitive intelligence helps you get a comprehensive view of the marketplace and helps you understand your competitor’s offerings, their differentiator, their strengths and weaknesses, the distribution channels they use and the market’s perception about them. 


Competitive intelligence research provides insights about your competitive environment that are necessary to assess your position in the market with respect to the other players and distinguish your offerings from the rest. Also, Competitive intelligence analytics will help you understand why some companies in your market are more successful than others and will reveal the current unaddressed gaps and untapped opportunities that exist in the market. Our market research and competitive intelligence services will arm you with the right intelligence that you can leverage to stay ahead in the market and maintain your competitive edge. 

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We help clients to identify the goals that they need to be chasing to become an industry leader

SG Analytics, with its rich expertise in providing research and analytics solutions, is not only able to research data that matters but is also able to combine the right technology to enable analytics and contextual intelligence to give you a well-rounded perspective of the competitive environment that you operate in.

As an established Competitive Intelligence firm, our services will help you:

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