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High-quality, in-depth and tailored research to profit from financial markets

In today’s turbulent, hyper-connected and data-dependent financial markets, it is easy to get lost in a sea of information. As a securities research company, SG Analytics’ securities research services deliver custom research support that helps clients generate unique company, industry and economic insights to help clients navigate financial markets and enhance their portfolios.  

As futuristic equity and macroeconomic research firm, we help companies breakthrough investment uncertainties by fusing equity research, fixed income credit research, index research, and macroeconomic research to harness data to the fullest and glean actionable insights for profitable investments. 


Why SGA?

Industries We Serve

Equity Research

Equity research services company | SG Analytics
  • Financial modeling with historical financial data, structured forecast models, valuation, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Qualitative and quantitative information on company background to help form opinion and take decisions.
  • Comprehensive company and sector reports aligned to your business requirements.
  • Periodic updates on news and events relevant to your industry.
  • Spot accounting irregularities and corporate governance issues before investing in long-term ideas through forensic research.
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Fixed Income and Credit Research

Fixed income research company | SG Analytics
  • Support across the fixed income life cycle including identifying investment opportunities, evaluation of prospective investments, and monitoring coverage universe.
  • Custom support across the fixed income spectrum including investment grade, high yield, and distressed debt.
  • Qualitative and quantitative support across fixed income products including leverage finance, money markets, structured finance, US public finance, and convertibles.
  • Coverage across developed and emerging markets.
  • Cash flow models, indenture screening, covenant headroom monitoring, stress testing and scenario analysis.
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Index and Quantitative Research

Index and quantitative research company | SG Analytics
  • Pre-index rebalance analytics, monitoring and tracking of index events, and post-index rebalance analytics.
  • Create alpha and add value to current and new trading strategies – create and backtest trading strategies and construct portfolios across multiple risk attributes.
  • Develop and validate risk models covering credit risk, investment risk, and operational risk.
  • Expertise across multiple data sources covering fundamental and estimates data, fund flows, global macro, pricing data, ownership, and ESG data.
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Macroeconomic Research

Marcoeconomic research services company | SG Analytics
  • Country reports, thematic reports, research papers, and commentaries on data releases.
  • Economic calendars, data aggregation from vendor feeds, and government websites.
  • Asset allocation and portfolio construction optimizers, efficient frontiers, and analysis.
  • Econometric modeling and forecasting using multidimensional panel data.

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