In-depth deal execution and monitoring services for capital deployment and fund raising activities for PE funds across the investment life cycle

Leverage Our Bespoke Private Equity and Venture Capital Research Services 

We are a partner of choice for leading investment managers with expertise and service offerings to support all aspects of the PE/VC investment cycle across the value chain. We have helped our clients identify great investment opportunities, allowing them to enhance their portfolio performance as well as derive maximum value from existing investments. Our strong technology platform and subject matter expertise supplements our offerings and allows our clients to fast track projects and monitor processes efficiently. 

Why SGA ?

Sector Specialization

Deal Sourcing

  • Private equity support to screen for private or public players based on set quantitative or qualitative parameters
  • Short company profiles covering high level overview on identified targets to get a quick sense of their business model, size, financials, offerings and management
  • Provide high level overview of target industry or focus sub-segment within an industry for its key drivers, challenges, market size and growth potential
  • Analyse the current valuation in the short-listed sector to see its value attractiveness vis-à-vis overall growth potential
  • Extensive research on given economies to assess robustness of various macro-economic parameters, regulations and corporatization, as a part of our private equity research services
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Target Evaluation

  • As one of the leading private equity research firms, we provide a detailed analysis of focus industry of the target company to understand the growth potential and if the current company strategies are aligned to leverage on the same
  • Build in the assumption based financial model on the target company to estimate its future performance to help arrive at a fair value
  • Conduct detailed valuation analysis of the target company using multiple approaches such as DCF, relative, SOTP to arrive at a fair value of the company
  • Benchmark the target company with its peer group, both on operational and financial parameters to evaluate the target’s performance
  • Build key investment arguments (pros and cons) for the target company e.g. business model, bargaining power in the value chain, competitive positioning and financial performance
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Investment Review

  • Providing private equity support to regularly track of the key performance indicators of the portfolio companies to get an early sense of expected performance or reasons of under performance
  • Create dashboards on operating industries of the portfolio companies to keep a regular track of key indicators
  • Analyse the variance between the actual and expected financial performance of the portfolio company and its reasons
  • Benchmark the performance of portfolio companies vis-à-vis its peer group on various operating & financial parameters and evaluating the reasons for the same
  • Estimate the carrying value of the portfolio company by notching the investment value up or down on the basis of actual performance, change in estimates (financial model) and market conditions
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Value Enhancement

  • Assist the fund in devising value driving activities such as market identification and attractiveness assessment, and vendor selection
  • Estimate market size through bottoms up and top down approach with our private equity research services
  • Revenue enhancement and cost reduction analysis by business unit, geographical locations, and distribution network and variance analysis, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and cost structure analysis
  • Competitive pricing analysis across different product and service categories to help devise pricing strategy for portfolio companies
  • Identify targets for acquisition, JV and partnerships through analysis of business model, financial performance and growth potential
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Investment Exit

  • Being one of the top private equity research firms, we develop a detailed assumption based financial model for the portfolio company to provide potential buyers with a working tool to estimate the financial expectations in under various scenarios
  • Build detailed valuation model on the portfolio company to justify its value to potential buyers
  • Write information memorandums (CIMs) on the portfolio company highlighting investment thesis and mitigant for potential risk factors
  • Track the deal activities in the operating sector of the portfolio company to understand the environment, bargaining power and valuation range
  • Create a list of potential buyers for the portfolio company, both strategic (competitor, peer, on value chain etc.) and financial (secondary market sale to another PE fund)
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Presentations and Graphics support (DTP)

  • End-to-end integration of our presentation services with our PE/VC clients
  • Presentation support including formatting and upgrading pitchbooks and investment memos, converting ideas into slides, and creating bespoke slides / charts / graphs / layouts
  • Design and layout support including designing of factsheets, investment committee memos, marketing flyers, client reports, brochures, white papers, push e-mails, and news digests
  • Automation and conversion support including automatically update presentations as underlying data is updated, converting data in MS-Excel files into charts and slides, replicating non-editable PDF’s / PPT’s into slides, and converting hand drawings into slides
  • Our team continuously keeps pace with new presentation software and related tools allowing us to exceed client expectations by offering newer and efficient ways of rendering presentation support

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