The TMT sector has become synonymous with data and analytics, with customization and changing consumer preferences being the new order. In a crowded marketplace, TMT companies need to offer compelling solutions and content in an easy to access platform. 

Social Media & Telecom Market Research

SG Analytics works closely with the TMT sector and supports them with customized solutions. Some of these solutions include media analysis, media mix modeling, technology research and telecom analytics and research to ensure they are in sync with changing technologies and consumer preferences. Our technology sector analysis and TMT research will help you analyze industry performance, mark your position in the market, and identify potential opportunities and threats. 

Key challenges we address

  • Positioning

    Across target markets and competency building along the value chain.

  • Personalization

    Intelligence that promotes customer-centricity and drives personalized services.

  • Monetize

    Data-driven services and infrastructure. Reduce time to market and be at the forefront of innovation.

  • Digitization

    Sharpen your digital strategy and analyze opportunities across digital technologies.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence services company | SG Analytics
  • Assess market shifts and determine positioning within the TMT value chain
  • Market intelligence that helps address ARPU decline and improve margins
  • Analyze the regulatory landscape in the TMT sector globally
  • Media analysis to benchmark OTT market players’ service offerings for strategic partnerships and content distribution across digital platforms
  • Build industry databases and market intelligence platforms to boost strategic decision making
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Business Strategy

Business strategy support and services company | SG Analytics
  • Customized insights on digital strategy and opportunity analysis across digital technologies including big data analytics, IoT, and connected vehicles
  • Monetize data-driven services and infrastructure, reduce time to market, and remain at the forefront of innovation
  • Leverage technology, telecom & social media market research and analytics to assess customer centric challenges in the TMT sector and generate insights on personalized services
  • Determine where to operate and develop competencies within the TMT value chain
  • Assess customer-centric challenges faced by telcos and generate insights on personalized services
  • Market assessment related to spectrum allocation and entry strategy
  • M&A due diligence support
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Media Mix Modeling

Media mix modeling services company | SG Analytics
  • Determine sales impact: Run rigorous models to quantify the sales impact generated across various media including television, web, and applications
  • Detailed media analysis: Quantify value-addition to sales within any specific media channel
  • Media mix modeling: Use analysis and modeling to design an optimal distribution of media channels
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Audience Insights

Business benchmarking study insights | SG Analytics
  • Use rigorous data collection software and techniques to capture information about audiences and their behavior
  • Audience insights dashboard: Collect data on your audience in easy-to-access dashboards and optimize your decision-making process
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Consumer Sciences for Platforms and Apps

Consumer sciences for platforms and apps | SG Analytics
  • Customer acquisition: Deploy effective customer acquisition strategies for TMT platforms and applications
  • Customer engagement: Ensure customers remain engaged on TMT platforms and applications by providing compelling content that is in sync with customer preferences
  • Customer retention: Leverage data-based models to retain customers on TMT platforms and applications
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