Research and analytics lie at the heart of all BFSI companies. Our team of analysts produce in-depth research to help banking and financial services clients successfully navigate financial markets, enhance their portfolios, make strategic decisions across asset classes and provide better banking financial services. 

Banking and Financial Market Research Services 

Whether it is pricing products or lowering costs, BFSI companies rely on our services such as market intelligence services, insurance analytics, and financial market research services to make critical business decisions. Drawing on extensive industry experience as a financial services market research company, SG Analytics works with BFSI companies to help them use banking sector analytics for better decision-making. 

Who We Work With

  • Banking & Insurance Firms

    Optimize the cost of research spend, cover regulatory risks, data governance & analytics solutions.

  • Investment Banks

    M&A, ECM and DCM research across large, mid-tier and boutique firms

  • Asset & Wealth Managers

    Research-led alpha, marketing and compliance solutions

  • Financial Intelligence Platforms

    Intelligent content aggregation, customer management and analytics solutions

Research for Asset and Wealth Managers

Securities research services company | SG Analytics
  • Identify investment opportunities and screen securities that match your investment criteria across asset classes
  • Leverage a talented pool of analysts comprising of CFA’s, Chartered Accountants, MBA’s and economists to create and maintain portfolios, consistent with your in-house research methodology
  • Tap into SG Analytics’ Fund Marketing Support services to grow your AuM and enhance client servicing
  • Integrate ESG factors within your investment research process
  • End-to-end index lifecycle support for passive asset managers
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Services for Investment Banks

Banking financial services for investment banks | SG Analytics
  • Qualitative and quantitative investment banking support across M&A, ECM, and DCM teams
  • Monetize research content – create new research outputs, leverage custom research support to generate investment recommendations, and optimize your time in monitoring portfolios
  • Enhanced compliance monitoring including anti-money laundering, and identification and remediation of KYC gaps
  • Substantive editing and proofreading across a broad range of research reports, ranging from simple publications to more complex coverage initiation notes and thematic reports
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Market Intelligence

Market intelligence services company | SG Analytics
  • Opportunity assessment for retail banking payment solutions across target markets
  • Benchmark retail banks offering digital services and recommend optimum digital strategy
  • Conduct market assessment covering fintech / BFSI companies to identify potential partnership opportunities
  • Market intelligence services to gather competitive intelligence on strategies adopted by major banks
  • Market intelligence services to help provide business outlook for leading asset management companies
  • Analyse emerging technologies including Blockchain and AI in financial services
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Business Strategy

Business strategy support and services company | SG Analytics
  • Market entry strategy for providers of banking and financial services in the SME banking space
  • Evaluate market potential for digital-only banks and design go-to-market strategy
  • Assess investment strategies of hedge funds and private equity funds
  • Evaluate risk management strategies deployed by insurance firms
  • Comparative assessment of digital wallets' features
  • Analyse major trends in the reinsurance sector and impact of alternative capital on the industry
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Marketing and Sales Analytics

Marketing and sales analytics services | SG Analytics
  • Marketing RoI: Efficiently allocate resources and enhance marketing spend RoI
  • Customer segmentation: Leverage rigorous customer segmentation techniques and targeting tools to ensure the right customers are targeted with the right products
  • Customer acquisition: Banking analytics, insurance analytics to help acquire customers through tailored, data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Territory and salesforce optimization: Use data to maximize territory management tactics and maximize your sales team’s potential
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Data Management and Visualization

Data management and visualization services company | SG Analytics
  • Centralized data management: Use secure tools to collate and store large volumes of financial transactions data
  • Data access: Banking and financial services can develop data portals that allow employees to access data easily and make data-based decisions
  • Visualization: Create powerful visualization tools for providers of banking financial services to boost decision-making by summarizing large volumes of financial data in intuitive ways
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