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ESG & Sustainability Consulting & Advisory Services

In today’s dynamic investment space, sustainability plays an integral role in directing profitability, operational efficiency, business partner selection, and divestment, among others, in a responsible way. SG Analytics’ ESG research and consulting services are robust in guiding corporates to more sustainable performance and investors toward responsible decision-making.

SGA’s ESG research and consulting services help corporates institutionalize sustainable performance and enable investors to make responsible decisions. As one of the leading ESG consulting and advisory services firms, we provide end-to-end support to our clients, globally. As part of our sustainability consulting services, we assess and benchmark sustainability performance, bridge gaps, monitor progress and provide regular reporting using interactive dashboards. Our goal is to increase the ROI of the company’s sustainability initiatives.

Why SGA ?

Data Aggregation and Management Services

Data aggregation and management esg consulting services | SG Analytics
  • Aggregate information across a comprehensive set of qualitative and quantitative ESG metrics
  • Policy and program assessment along with trend monitoring across key ESG issues
  • Assessment of global ESG controversies including local market media and NGO reports
  • Perform thematic research across a wide range of sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, business conduct, etc.
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Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability strategy consulting and reporting | SG Analytics
  • As one of the leading sustainability consulting firms, we Identify the most relevant reporting standards to be implemented
  • Conduct a comprehensive materiality analysis, collect information leveraging desk-based research, and implement rigorous communication channels with relevant stakeholders
  • Assess the impact of every material issue and provide consultation to overcome these

Competitive Benchmarking and Materiality Assessment

Competitive benchmarking and materiality assessment as a part of ESG consulting services | SG Analytics
  • Assess and address potential gaps in sustainability performance
  • Identify internal opportunities for improvement through in-depth internal assessment and engagement
  • Develop strategies to be "best-in-class" in line with company's philosophy across the value chain
  • Increase the ROI of company's sustainability programs by developing a robust mechanism to track and follow up along with a regular reporting device for relevant decision makers
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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement as a part of sustainability consulting services | SG Analytics
  • Identify, profile, and prioritize important stakeholder groups and issues
  • Facilitate and conduct ESG engagement sessions for a variety of stakeholders including the global supply chain
  • Run stakeholder sentiment analysis using social media across the globe
  • Develop strategic relationships with select stakeholders and conduct regular engagement programs

SDGs - Corporate Strategies

SDGs - Corporate Strategies as a part of esg and sustainability consulting services | SG Analytics
  • Assess performance in line with UN-SDGs and build comprehensive SDG performance reports across UN's 17 sustainability goals
  • Perform comparative analysis across sectors and peer groups, including geographical analysis
  • Conduct SDG benchmarking and materiality analysis for corporates, supply chain, and investment portfolios
  • Provide end-to-end SDG consulting, track progress, and provide reporting and dashboarding

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